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    Born in Chicago, where I lived for eleven years before moving with my family to Sarasota, FL. Growing up in Florida, I spent most of my time in the ocean where I developed a deep respect of the natural world that surrounded me. I formed a growing desire to experience more of the world and at the age of twenty-one, I began to travel. Exploring the eastern seaboard, I nurtured my desire to involve myself more deeply into the world around me. Beginning my journey in New York, I gradually worked my way south. Passport in hand, I departed the U.S. and continued my trek through Central America. In this third world country, I discovered first hand that life was not as simple as I once believed, and the healthy and free lifestyle that I had so far led, was a privilege that not all possessed. I witnessed poverty and despair in the people that I met there. Many were forced to suffer with little or no access to health care. I realized then that I had a responsibility to give something back to the world. On the central pacific coast of Costa Rica, in a small town named Jaco, I recognized what I needed to do with my life. I turned my journey to Atlanta, GA. to pursue my newly discovered dream of becoming a healer.

    After spending the next several years studying and completing my academics in the art of chiropractic, I left to establish my first chiropractic practice. My need to explore led me to Port Au Prince, Haiti in the heart of the Caribbean where several of my good friends lived, and were in need of a Chiropractor. The extent of poverty and lack of public health reaffirmed my commitment to helping others through chiropractic. I soon realized, however, that Haiti was not the place where I would accomplish my dreams. Although there were many in need, I soon came to the realization there were very few there that I would have the opportunity to help. Because of the extreme poverty, there was a very high level of crime and violence. This made it too dangerous to work with much or the public. In the safety of the mountains of Haiti, where I lived, the small population of wealthy was the only group who had access to my services. After about a year in Haiti, I decided that it was time to move back to the U.S. where I could work with more people, not just the wealthy.

    Through the encouragement of a good friend, Dr Andres Sampedro, I accepted an offer to assist him in the opening of his chiropractic office located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In Michigan, I finally felt like I was able to make a difference through chiropractic. We were able to help many people achieve better health, and I knew that this was what I was meant to do. Later, after Dr. Sampedro's practice really took off, I was presented with the opportunity to work with one of Michigan's finest Chiropractors, Dr Rodney Nagel. I accepted Dr. Nagel's offer, and in his busy office, I was able to further develop my skills as a Chiropractor.

    Having received a great start in Michigan, I eventually felt the need to move on. I wanted to find somewhere that I could settle down and open my own practice. I left Michigan and headed westward to California. I found an ideal space for my practice in Orange County. Today I still practice at this location where I specialize in corrective care, and auto accident injuries. My office, Orange County Wellness Center, has now been open since 2007


    • Cardinal Moony HS-Sarasota, FL

    • Riverview HS-Sarasota, FL 1986

    • Tampa College - Associates in Marketing - Tampa, FL 1994

    • Regents University - Bachelor of Science - Albany, NY 2000

    • Life University - Doctor of Chiropractic - Marietta, GA 2001

    Work History:

    • Kole Chiropractic (Port a' Prince, Haiti) 01-02 - Sole

    • Preferred Chiropractic (Saginaw, Michigan) 5/02-7/03 - Associate

    • Brady Chiro (Lakewood, CA) 7/03-12/03 (Created work hardening program-WC) - IC

    • Santa Ana Canyon Chiropractic & Wellness (Anaheim Hills, CA) 01/04-01/07 - Sole

    • Orange County Chiropractic Group-Current

    Post gradation education:

    • Croft Seminars Auto injury / Spine Institute, San Diego, CA

    • Extremities adjusting Dr. George Le Beau D.C. / Dr. Hearon

    • Dr. Downs / Sports Health Science Dept. Life University, Atlanta, GA

    • Dr. Brady / Thompson Drop Tech, Long Beach, CA


    • Croft Seminars Auto injury / Spine Institute, San Diego, CA

    • California Chiropractic Association


    • National Boards parts 1, 2, 3, 4 PT

    • State of California License # DC 28572

    • X Ray Supervisor and operator permit

    Provider information:

    • Provider for most Major insurance

    • ASHP Provider

    • Medicare

    • Veterans Administration

    • Medi-cal


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  • "I stumbled upon Dr. Kole's website while looking for a reputable place to take a dear friend who was in pain. After looking at the website, I called the office and spoke to Dr. Kole himself. Even over the phone, I had a great feeling about taking my friend there. Dr. Kole was very compassionate and understanding of my friend's needs and took the time to explain everything we needed to know before and after the session. My friend has since visited him for treatments and is almost 100% recovered from her injury. I will definitely recommend Dr. Kole to anyone who has back problems. He really cares about his patients."
    Sarah D